KOALA HUG branded partner Of TENCEL™ Lyocell

Since the start of our sustainable bedding brand, KOALA HUG has been an official branded partner of TENCEL™. There are strict selection criteria, so we are very proud of this partnership. Since TENCEL™ is relatively new as a material for bedding and duvets, we often get the questions. How sustainable is TENCEL™? What is the difference between TENCEL™ and lyocell? Is a lyocell duvet suitable when you have a house dust mite allergy? Are TENCEL™ duvet covers and sheets really temperature-regulating? We are happy to explain.

How sustainable is TENCEL™?
Of course, consumers want to be sure that their bedding won’t harm the environment, while also looking for comfort and style. We understand that. It’s exactly why we love working with TENCEL™. Because, TENCEL™ lyocell fibers are made from eucalyptus wood, which comes from specially managed, sustainable forests (FSC quality mark). Wood chips are made from the wood of eucalyptus, which are soaked after which it becomes a liquid substance. The great thing is that the products used for soaking the wood chips are recycled up to 99.6% (‘closed loop system’). So it does not end up in nature. The waste water is also not harmful to the environment.

TENCEL™ fibers are a good example of true sustainability in the textile industry: from the sustainably managed eucalyptus forests and the environmentally friendly way of production to finally the biodegradability. The material is also very strong, so it wears less quickly and you can use it longer. TENCEL™ bedding can be washed at a low temperature with a short washing program. It dries very quickly in the dry air. The material is also environmentally friendly in maintenance.

Difference between TENCEL™ and Lyocell
TENCEL™ is a sustainably produced fiber. It is a brand name of the natural synthetic fiber lyocell of the Austrian company Lenzing AG. The end result of the TENCEL™ lyocell production process is a textile that is as soft and supple as silk. Other advantages are that it is as cool and temperature regulating as linen and as warm as wool. It also absorbs as the best (better than cotton), which is nice, especially in the summer.

While sleeping, our body loses at least 0.4 liters of perspiration. Due to the moisture-absorbing capacity of TENCEL™, it is ideal as bedding. Synthetic materials (such as polyester, Dacron) cannot absorb moisture from the inside. Lyocell fitted sheets absorb more than 50% more moisture than (organic) cotton.

Ideal for people with dust mite allergies or hot flashes
TENCEL™ offers more many advantages. Besides being ultra soft and strong, it is also hypoallergenic (great for people with a house dust mite allergy), breathable and temperature regulating. TENCEL™ bedding has a cooling effect, which is ideal for hot sleepers and/or those who suffer from hot flashes. In short, in addition to being sustainable, TENCEL™ has many positive characteristics. We simply love it!

Since her start up in October 2021 KOALA HUG has proudly been branded partner of TENCEL™ Lyocell, a trademark of Lenzing AG.