Looking for a duvet that stays in place?

Looking for a duvet that stays in place?
Imagine jumping into bed after a long working, looking forward to a good night’s sleep. But every time you pull up the duvet your feet are getting cold. Ahhh…. It might drive you crazy! Recognizable? Then it is about time to get to know the luxurious sustainable bedding from KOALA HUG. Our duvets and duvet covers are specially designed and equipped with all kinds of features. These practical features ensure that your duvet stays in place during your sleep and that your feet and shoulders stay comfortably warm.

Your perfectly designed duvet
We have made strings in the corners inside our duvet covers. This allows you to tie the duvet to the duvet cover. It is as simple as that. It prevents the duvet from becoming loose from the cover. This way your bedding stays nicely in place. The duvet covers are also equipped with an extra long 40 centimeter tuck-in strip. You can put the tuck-in strip under your mattress. No more hassle with getting up halfway through the night to reattach your duvet under the mattress, just enjoy your uninterrupted sleep. If you don’t want to use the tuck-in strip, you can also easily fold it inward. We also made a hand-sized opening on both sides of the duvet cover. These openings allow you to straighten the duvet without having to do this all the way from the bottom of the cover. Finally, you will find the handy bottle neck design on the bottom of the duvet covers. This way you are truly freed from the eternal struggle with duvets that won’t stay in place!

Luxury sustainable bedding made from TENCEL™ eucalyptus
Not only do the duvet covers are perfectly designed. The material of which the duvet covers are made of has carefully been considered. After all, it is the basis of our products and it must of course be of excellent quality. Our bedding is made from 100% sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell eucalyptus. This material feels silky soft, is breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It makes the bedding particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin, skin irritations such as eczema or a dust mite allergy. At the same time, the material is very strong and can therefore be used for a long time. Are you looking for bedding that ventilates well because you sweat a lot at night? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at our extensive collection and order your luxurious sustainable bedding in our webshop.

Order your carefully designed duvet cover online at KOALA HUG
In addition to duvet covers and duvets, KOALA HUG offers various other types of luxurious sustainable bedding with a well-thought-out design. In our range you will find, among other things, TENCEL™ Lyocell fitted sheets with an elastic band all around and a handy label that indicates the long side of the sheet. Or antibacterial pillowcases in envelope style. Get yourself inspired. Have much shopping fun!