7 Tricks for optimum convenience

To make it as easy as possible for sleepers, we have equipped our KOALA HUG bedding with all kinds of ‘features’. For example, on the inside of our fitted sheets you will find a label with which you can easily see what the long side is. This makes changing your bedding a lot easier. Handy, right? There are even more tricks that we have incorporated in our bedding:

  • Our pillowcases have a handy, deep ‘envelope lock’ so that your pillow stays firmly in place.

  • We have provided our fitted sheets with a label (‘This is the long side’) with which you can easily see what the long side is. That saves a lot of annoyance.

  • Our duvet covers have an extra long tuck-in strip. This ensures that your duvet cover stays tucked in and in place and prevents you from getting cold feet.

  • Our duvet covers have strings in the top corners. This allows you to easily attach it to the duvet so that it does not shift in the meantime.

  • Our duvets also have strings in the corners. With this you can easily attach the spring/autumn duvet to the summer duvet. The winter duvet that you put together from the two duvets will keep you wonderfully warm. We have chosen to work with strings, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic press studs.

  • Our duvets come in strong, breathable bags. You can easily store the duvet that you aren’t using in the bag.

  • We purposely do not use buttons and/or zippers in our bedding. Thanks to not using plastic or synthetic materials, our bedding is completely biodegradable. This is not only more environmentally friendly, but it is also more comfortable because we do not unnecessarily use hard accessories.
    Sleep well!