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Koala Hug Bedding

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Duvet Covers

Premium duvet covers made from sustainable eucalyptus wood. Wonderfully soft, comfortable and super durable and environmentally friendly. Good for people, good for the environment.


Koala Hug introduces 100% TENCEL™ duvets. This All seasons duvet consists of two parts and is wonderfully cool in the summer and comfortably warm in the cold winter months.

Koala Hug

We started our bedding brand KOALA HUG because we were looking for a more sustainable alternative for our bedding than the usual (organic) cotton, linen or bamboo. Thanks to the years of experience of co-founder Robert Chan in the textile sector, we quickly came with 100% TENCEL lyocell, made from sustainable eucalyptus wood. After many test sessions, researches, conversations and visits to producers, we have put together our collection. We are proud of our 100% TENCEL KOALA HUG bedding!

100% tENCEL

Koala Hug has an extensive range of 100% Tencel duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillowcases in beautiful colors.