Sustainable bedding

Sustainability at KOALA HUG
“We want to be the most sustainable bedding company!” That is what we said before starting our company. Our mission is to make the most comfortable and sustainable bedding and bathroom textiles as possible. Certainly compared to other bedding providers. This means that we always opt for the most sustainable solution. In everything we do, we want to make positive impact on people, animals and the environment. There is still much room for improvement in the textile sector and we see it as our mission to contribute to this. Fortunately, more and more people realize that we must change our behaviour towards nature, the environment. More and more people buy consciously and are looking for truly sustainable bedding and ecological towels. Below we explain our sustainable choices and how they differ from what most other textile brands do.

Sustainable production process
The production of our bedding follows a number of steps:

  • planting, growing, harvesting and producing the raw material
  • processing the raw material into a fiber from which yarn or thread is made
  • making yarn or thread
  • weaving or knitting yarn or thread to make textiles
  • making the final textile product

Of all these steps, the choice of the raw material and processing it into a fiber has the greatest impact on the sustainability of the final end product. TENCEL™ is made from FSC certified eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests using the Lyocell process. It is one of the most sustainably produced textiles. Because it is also completely biodegradable, we make our bed linen and duvets from this sustainable material. All of our bed linen and duvets are made of 100% TENCEL™. This distinguishes KOALA HUG from most other bedding brands. They often use other materials (or a blend) such as polyester (also known as microfiber or Dacron), bamboo and/or (bio) cotton. Polyester is made from petroleum and natural gas through a particularly unsustainable process. Moreover, it is not biodegradable. Cotton is very harmful to the environment because it requires a lot of soil, water and chemicals for production. We are not a fan of bamboo either because there are a lot of chemicals are needed for the production of the bamboo fibre. These chemicals can be very harmful to animals and the environment.

Bedding TENCEL Lyocell: hygienic, strong and environmentally friendly
Due to the smooth surface of the TENCEL™ fiber, dust mites, bacteria or fungi cannot settle or adhere to this material. Bed linen and bath textiles made from TENCEL™ are hygienic and stay smelling fresh. It needs to be washed less often and at a lower temperature. This makes a significant difference in energy consumption and wear of the material. For comparison: TENCEL™ is washed briefly at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Cotton needs to be washed twice as long at a higher temperature, up until 60-90 degrees Celsius, to get the same clean result. Furthermore, TENCEL™ can be airdried, in contrary to for example, (organic) cotton. There is no need to use a tumble dryer. This saves you a lot of energy consumption and therefore money.

Pure and 100% biodegradable
We make our bedding purely from 100% biodegradable material. That makes our bedding so environmentally friendly. Unlike some suppliers, we do not mix other materials or use zippers or buttons. It is often (still) too difficult and too expensive for waste processors and recycling companies to recycle textiles consisting of, for example, a mix of cotton and polyester. Because our bedding is biodegradable, we prevent it from ending up in the waste dump.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
At KOALA HUG, sustainability involves a wide range of measures that contribute to a sustainable future for our planet and human nature. It is about, for example, the use of sustainable materials, minimizing waste, but also supporting fair trade. These are all crucial elements of corporate social responsibility that we consciously incorporate into our operations. We regularly visit our production partners and their factories. We believe it is important to have and maintain personal relationships with employees by visiting the factories. We are always very pleased to see the passion and craftsmanship with which our products are made.

Buy sustainable bedding online
Maybe you still buy your bedding from a local store. But sustainable bedding is just as easy to order online (and actually much more convenient). We have a lot of experience with sustainable bedding and our logistics process is well organized. We maintain good contacts with all our partners. We attach great importance to the TENCEL™, OEKO-TEX® and FSC certificates. You can be assured that our organic bedding and anti-allergy duvets meet all quality requirements.

Fun facts about our sustainable bedding

  • Our duvets are made of 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell. Both the cover and the filling are 100% vegan and sustainable.
  • Our duvet covers are extra long so that you stay comfortably warm without having cold shoulders or feet.
  • Our fitted sheets come with a laundry bag that allows you to keep the bedding beautiful for a long time and extending the durability.
  • All our pillowcases are without buttons or zippers and therefore 100% biodegradable.
  • It is all very natural to us: all our bedding is sustainable and of the very best quality.