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In December 2021, Robert and Sandie Chan launched KOALA HUG, a premium bedding brand with soft, comfortable bedding made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell, eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests. Through a crowdfunding campaign, they managed to gain start-up capital to launch their online store in the second quarter of 2022.

‘So far it has exceeded our wildest expectations! The minimum target amount was reached within two weeks. The entrepreneurs ended the crowdfunding campaign successfully. ‘We can make a flying start with the gained capital. At KOALA HUG we love a good night’s sleep and we wish everyone a good night’s sleep!’.

Below you will find publications that have appeared since the very beginning of KOALA HUG.

VNO-NCW (May 2023): Running a company in sustainable and hypoallergenic bedding products. Sandie Mei Yau Chan‘s personal search for comfortable, durable and anti-allergic bedding products– she had quite a list of requirements – led to her own company: KOALA HUG.

WeesMeer, for entrepreneurs with ambition (March 2023). Co-founder Sandie Chan: “The name of our sustainable bedding company, KOALA HUG is something that I came up with. It was an immediate success.”

Fonk-Sustainable Magazine (January 2023): KOALA HUG will launch 100% biodegradable TENCEL towels

Hét Ondernemersbelang (januari 2023): KOALA HUG to launch 100% biological antibacterial towels made of TENCEL Lyocell and Bioserica (December 2022): Rotterdam startup company KOALA HUG to launch antibacterial towels

Duurzaam beleggen (December 2022): KOALA HUG to launch sustainable antibacterial TENCEL towels

Inside Rotterdam Magazine (July 2022): Rotterdam startup Koala Hug makes the most sustainable bedding

Vegan Business (June 2022): Rotterdam entrepreneurs to open a sustainable bedding webshop

Breeze communicatie (Jan 2022): KOALA HUG TENCEL™ Lyocell supersoft sustainable bedlinen (Jan 2022): Startup KOALA HUG’s goal is to have positive impact in sustainable bedding shop

De Ondernemer (Jan 2022): This startup wants to have positive impact with their sustainable bedding shop

Inside Rotterdam (Jul 2022): Rotterdam startup Koala Hug makes the most sustainable bedding