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In 2021 Robert and Sandie Chan launched KOALA HUG, a premium bedding and bath textile brand with soft, comfortable fabrics made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests. 

Below you will find articles that were published since the start of KOALA HUG in 2021.

Sustainable Living (February 2024): ‘Food for thought: Experience the advantages of Koala Hug TENCEL™ bedding and bath textiles’ (November 2023). Have you heard of KOALA HUG sheets? How sleeping on sustainable TENCEL bedding feels like!

WeesMeer, for entrepreneurs with ambition (March 2023). Co-founder Sandie Chan: “The name of our sustainable bedding company, KOALA HUG is something that I came up with. It was an immediate success.”

Fonk-Sustainable Magazine (January 2023): KOALA HUG will launch 100% biodegradable TENCEL towels

Hét Ondernemersbelang (January 2023): KOALA HUG to launch 100% biological antibacterial towels made of TENCEL Lyocell and Bioserica (December 2022): Rotterdam startup company KOALA HUG to launch antibacterial towels

Duurzaam beleggen (December 2022): KOALA HUG to launch sustainable antibacterial TENCEL towels

Retail Outlook Thoughtful Thursday (November 2022): Listen to this podcast with Co-Founder Robert Chan and retailexperts Ernst-Jan Smids and Frank Quix. ‘We embrace good sleep’ and we want to offer luxurious sustainable bedding. Our duvets and bedding are made of 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell sustainable eucalyptus wood. Super smooth, high quality and all you need for a good sleep hygiene.

Inside Rotterdam Magazine (July 2022): Rotterdam startup Koala Hug makes the most sustainable bedding

Vegan Business (June 2022): Rotterdam entrepreneurs to open a sustainable bedding webshop

Breeze communicatie (Jan 2022): KOALA HUG TENCEL™ Lyocell supersoft sustainable bedlinen (Jan 2022): Startup KOALA HUG’s goal is to have positive impact in sustainable bedding shop

De Ondernemer (Jan 2022): This startup wants to have positive impact with their sustainable bedding shop

Inside Rotterdam (Jul 2022): Rotterdam startup Koala Hug makes the most sustainable bedding


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