The best TENCEL™ sateen fitted sheets for ultimate sleeping pleasure

The best TENCEL™ sateen fitted sheets for ultimate sleeping pleasure
Are you looking for the softest bedding for the ultimate sleeping pleasure? Fitted sheets play a key role in this. If the material is too rough, too tight or too warm, this can seriously disrupt your night’s sleep. KOALA HUG therefore offers the best fitted sheets in satin weave that allow you to easily catch your Z’s. The luxurious bedding made of TENCEL™ sateen feels silky soft. The fitted sheets are also temperature regulating and hypoallergenic.

Are you curious whether eucalyptus fitted sheets suit you? Want to immediately order sustainable bedding from KOALA HUG? Please feel free to contact us for personal and professional advice or view our wide range in the webshop.


TENCEL™ Lyocell sateen for a silky-soft sleeping experience
At KOALA HUG we are convinced that TENCEL™ Lyocell is the best fabric for the softest sheets in the world ever. It is just so very special that the natural fibers from sustainably managed eucalyptus trees feel so silky soft. Yes, we hear you: can bedding made of eucalyptus feel that soft? The answer is: Yes, buttery soft! The material is so subtle and soft that even people with sensitive skin or eczema find it comfortable. In addition, the material is antistatic, which offers enormous benefits for both your skin and your hair. Another important characteristic is that it is temperature-regulating and ventilating. KOALA HUG bedding feels comfortably warm in the winter, while during the summer months you will enjoy sleeping under a cooling duvet cover. Because the material also quickly absorbs moist, you will never sleep in a clammy, wet bed anymore.


High quality antibacterial and hypoallergenic sheets
Eucalyptus bedding has the important advantage that it is hypoallergenic and even antibacterial. The smooth and round structure of the wood fibers means that dust mites and bacteria cannot attach or nest to the material. Moreover, because perspiration cannot accumulate, there is no breeding ground for dust mites. With Tencel bedding you create a hygienically clean sleeping environment where you can breathe optimally. No more stuffy nose when you wake up. What a relief. These are the best sheets for people who suffer from a dust mite allergy, sensitive skin and/or respiratory problems.


Literally the best fitting sheets
Not only the material of the fitted sheet is important, the dimensions also play a role in a pleasant sleeping experience. After all, you want the fitted sheet to be tight but fitting around the mattress. Therefore, measure the dimensions of your mattress before ordering your sheets, duvet covers or duvet. Make sure you measure the length, width and height of the mattress. With a double bed you may choose two separate single fitted sheets or a double fitted sheet. KOALA HUG offers a wide range of sheets. The corner height of our fitted sheets is 30 centimeters. Our sheets usually fit most mattresses. The dimensions are in centimeters and always in the following order: width x length x height. Example: a double fitted sheet 160x200x30 has a width of 160 cm, a length of 200 cm, height of 30 cm.


Practical designed fitted sheets
The fitted sheets from KOALA HUG have an elastic band around the entire sheet. This gives the fitted sheet optimal stretchability which makes it easy to put on your mattress. The elastic band ensures that the fitted sheet does not shift quickly and the material fits well around the mattress.

A ‘This is the long side’ label makes it easy to see what the long side of the fitted sheet is. Furthermore, there is no embroidery on our fitted sheets. This is deliberate as we love “Quiet luxury” in the bedroom. After all, it’s all about optimal convenience and sleeping comfort. Moreover, in this way we keep the fitted sheets optimally environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable, unlike blends of, for example, a cotton Tencel fitted sheets.


The best sheets for you, but also for the environment
In addition to maximum sleeping comfort, sustainability is also key when choosing your fitted sheets. We only have environmentally friendly fitted sheets in our range. They are made of 100% sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell. This material is extracted from wood pulp from sustainably managed eucalyptus forests that have the FSC quality mark. The production process takes place in a so-called ‘closed loop system’. This means that almost the entire amount of water and solvents is reused in the process. Chlorine is also not used when bleaching the fibers. If you buy a KOALA HUG fitted sheet, you are purchasing bedding that is biodegradable and free of harmful substances. This way you not only benefit from a carefree night’s sleep, but you also contribute to a better environment.


Forest green or pearl beige fitted sheets. Bring nature into your bedroom
Nothing is as personal as color. A fitted sheet is more than just a functional part of the bedding. It can also serve as an expression of your personal style and taste. Do you prefer hotel chic white or luxurious pearl beige? From bold colors to timeless simplicity, with an abundance of options. You can transform your bedroom into your favorite style. In our webshop you can choose from several natural shades of sheets: pearl beige, snow white, slate gray, ocean blue and forest green. Which color is your favorite?


Combine with a KOALA HUG duvet cover for optimal effect
For a complete transformation of your bedroom, combine the best fitted sheets with a TENCEL™ duvet, duvet cover and pillowcase. The duvet covers are available in the same colors as the fitted sheets, so you immediately give your bedroom a beautiful, luxurious look. Of course you can also opt for a contrasting color pillowcase. Take a look in our webshop for more inspiration.