how to sleep in hot weather

It’s that time of the year again: summer is here! The scorching sun and heat are back and it won’t get any cooler in the near future. That is great news for those who love the sun and warm weather. However, in summer temperatures, many people have trouble falling asleep. This is because your body is not cooling down enough. That is essential for good sleep. We are often asked what the ideal temperature is in a bedroom. In this article we give you an answer to that question and six tips to enjoy a good night’s sleep during warm summer nights.

Drink enough water
Our body consists of about two thirds of water. On a normal day it is wise that you drink about two liters of water. This will keep your body sufficiently hydrated. As the outside temperature rises, so does your body temperature. In order not to overheat, your body will sweat. To replenish this fluid deficiency, it is therefore important to drink extra water during the day. Also beware of too much caffeine and alcohol. Your body temperature will only rise. Opt for a glass of water right before bedtime to keep your body cool and hydrated.

Choose lyocell bed linen
Simply put, lyocell is your salvation if you suffer from the heat and sweat a lot at night. Lyocell sheets are breathable, absorbent and moisture-wicking, making it perfect for warm sleepers. This bedding is cool and fresh, comparable or even more comfortable than in a hotel. A thread count of 300 in satin weave is ideal. Most people assume that (organic) cotton is the best material for bedding. However, once you’ve tried TENCEL™ lyocell bedding, you won’t want to sleep under anything else.

Turn your fan into an air conditioner
An air conditioner converts hot air into cold air and cold air is more pleasant to sleep in. You don’t have air conditioning? Or you prefer a less energy consuming solution? You can easily turn your fan into an air conditioner. You will need a few frozen bottles of water for this. Place them in front of the fan. The warm air is blown against the frozen bottles by the fan, which cools them down considerably. The fresh, circulating air can make sleeping a lot more pleasant. That simple, wonderfully cool. (tip: make sure you place the bottles in a bucket!)

Sleep on a cooling pillowcase
Our body temperature drops at night. The best temperature in a bedroom is around 18 degrees Celsius. This is also the ideal temperature to send a signal to your brain that it is time to rest. To make sure you reach the right temperature and literally keep your head cool, consider sleeping on a lyocell pillowcase. It has a naturally cool feel, yet it is also ideal during winter nights. So you can use it all year round to help you fall asleep faster.

Take a shower before going to sleep
Take a lukewarm shower just before going to bed. It helps you to relax. Make sure that the water is not ice cold. Contrary to what you might think, this will not cool you down. A lukewarm shower is the best way to cool down your body. It will then take a while before you are hot and during that time you will be able to fall asleep more easily. Too tired to shower? Then run your wrists or feet under the cold tap. A lot of blood flows through your wrists and feet and this way your body temperature will drop a bit so that you’ll be able to fall asleep more easily.

Make your duvet as thin as possible
The duvet that you use in other seasons is probably too warm for summer. Warm sleepers who suffer from night sweats would do well making the duvet lighter or thinner and leaving out unnecessary sheets and duvet layers. Too many layers can cause heat- trapping and fluid retention which makes sleeping, even in a cooler room, uncomfortable. So opt for a summer duvet (ideally: 120 gsm or 120 grams per square meter of filling) or even just a duvet cover. Just make sure to cover your body to avoid cooling down too much.

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