the latest bedroom trend colours in 2023

How about giving your bedroom a new look? With some subtle colour adjustments in your bed linen and accessories, you can easily give your interior a different look. We are happy to inspire you with the latest colour trends for the coming autumn/winter period. For sure it is peace, simplicity, comfort and natural materials that are trendy at the moment. It is not that surprising at all, because colours have a lot of impact on your state of mind. In hectic times when a lot is happening in the world, it is nice to come home in a peaceful environment and sleep in a quiet bedroom. Read on for some new inspiration and the bedroom trend colours autumn/winter 2022.

  1. Japandi: Scandinavian design meets Japanese simplicity
    The Japandi style is the interior trend that you have been seeing a lot for about two years now. It is the interior trend that combines Japanese simplicity and Scandinavian design. The look is minimalistic, functional but warm and comforting. Typical colours that fit within this style are beige, various shades of brown, white, light and dark grey. Japandi is therefore a combination of calm earthy tones with (wooden) design furniture from Scandinavia.2. Bring nature indoors
    Our bedrooms are becoming greener and more natural. The connection with nature and the environment is inextricable. Not only the green colour of the duvet cover or pillowcases in earthy tones, it can also be various plants that brighten up our rooms. Plants provide a natural atmosphere in the bedroom. Also ideal are the air-purifying plants that help to improve the air quality. Grey, blue and natural tones such as beige also do well and fit perfectly within the natural, sustainable bedroom trend of 2022/2023. We predict that this trend will continue for many years to come!

    3. Minimalist zen interior
    One bedroom trend that will continue to be popular in the coming year is minimalist zen. In the hectic times in which we now live, we want to experience peace in the house and in our bedrooms. Tranquil atmospheres, calming colours fit perfectly into the trend of minimalist living. Make sure that you store most of your belongings neatly in various closets or fitted wardrobes. An additional advantage with a minimal design is that you don’t have to clean your room so often!

    White is by far the most popular colour for bed linen. A bedroom entirely with white bedding gives it a luxurious hotel atmosphere. Other trend colours that fit within minimalism but give your bedroom a slightly warmer look and feel: off-white, (pearl) beige, grey and other natural shades. Ton-sur-ton colours, so a colour palette that consists of one basic colour that you apply in different shades.

    4. Soft pastel shades
    Finally, pastel shades. There’s something sweet about these cuddly, hugging colours. It is long past time that these pastel shades only belong in childrens rooms. Pastel shades are ideal for adding a little bit of colour to a bedroom but still keeping the peace. Try combining pink or mint teal pillowcases, sheets or rugs in your neutral bedroom. That not only looks soft, but you also sleep wonderfully soft.

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